Rachael Mott

Meet downtown’s newest shop! The Hermit on Green Street opened early last month on May 4th at 3 Green Street, and the shop is like a curio cabinet brimming with treasures. Their shelves are filled with a diverse array of goods, from vintage books and captivating paintings to elegant jewelry, and charming antiques. All of the items in the store are from female artists and woman-owned brands. Every corner holds something magical and there’s lots to discover.

Owner Rachael Mott says, “About two years ago, I moved from the city to Hingham and fell in love with its coastal charm. I wanted a place to plant roots and create a sense of community, which is one of the reasons why The Hermit on Green Street offers a cozy space for people to relax or work during the day, can be rented for intimate gatherings, and will be hosting a variety of community events.”

Rachael is an artist herself and you can find the line of prints & cards from her company @redandwolf, as well as some of her original pieces in the shop. She plans to use the shop as an avenue to bring together local artists, business owners, and build community here in Hingham.

The best way to stay up to date with The Hermit’s events and new arrivals is by following them on Instagram at @thehermitongreenst. You can also join their email list by sending a request to thehermitongreenst@gmail.com.